VCR interlock – X3S

  • Model: VCR – X3S
  • Lock – Door: 3
  • LED indicators: 3
  • Cables: 4 meters
  • Material: Inox

Details about the VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock

The VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock is an auxiliary device designed to ensure that the doors of a room cannot be opened simultaneously, thereby maintaining isolation between clean and non-clean areas.

The VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock can control the opening and closing of three doors simultaneously. Specifically, if one door opens, the other two doors will be forcibly closed, and if you want to open one door, the other two doors must be closed first. If someone tries to open the second door intentionally, an alarm bell will sound.

In emergency situations such as power outage or fire, all three doors will be opened simultaneously to allow personnel inside to escape.

Applications of the VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock

  • Installation in the control rooms of cleanrooms, cleanrooms, airlocks, intermediate rooms, dressing rooms in the medical field, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, electronic equipment, semiconductors, office spaces, etc.
  • Used for entrance doors, emergency exit doors, safety doors, etc.


  • Control Box

  • Lock Bolt

  • LED Indicator

Technical Specifications of the VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock

  • Three-door electronic interlock
  • Control lock voltage: 12V
  • Power supply: 220V; 50Hz
  • Lock cable: 3 meters, 4 meters per strand
  • LED voltage: 5V
  • Imported lock
  • Warranty period: 12 months

Key Features of the VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock

Wide application in pharmaceutical and cleanroom facilities.

  • Interlocks three doors: The system automatically checks if all three doors are closed; if one door is not closed, it signals an alert to remind the user to close the two doors.
  • Product structure consists of three main parts: Control Box, Lock Bolt, and LED Indicator.
  • LED Indicator: The outer shell is made of plastic, combined with LED indicators for clear and intuitive use, making it easier to operate.
  • High isolation capability: The VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock is designed for air isolation in cleanrooms, often used in shock reduction rooms or pneumatic valve rooms within cleanrooms.
  • Material selection ensures efficiency and low power consumption.

Operation of the VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock

  • All three doors cannot be opened simultaneously.
  • When one door opens, the other two doors will automatically close. If a door remains open for an extended period without closing, an alert bell will sound to remind personnel to close the door.
  • In the event of a power outage, all three lock bolts installed on the doors will release automatically to ensure user safety.
  • In emergency situations, an emergency button can be pressed to open the doors for evacuation.

Installation Diagram of the VCR-X3S Interlocking Lock

  • The interlocking lock control box will be installed on the ceiling panel, connected to an available power outlet (the shorter the distance between the control box and the power outlet, the better, to save wiring costs).
  • Indicator lights will be mounted on the wall panel, in an easily observable area when entering/exiting, usually installed next to the panel door.
  • Lock bolts will be installed underground inside the panel wall (may require drilling and underground wiring) and can be positioned either on the side or above the door frame.
  • The lock positioning plate will be attached to the door leaf, corresponding to the lock bolt installation location.

The VCR-X3S Interlock has gained the trust of pharmaceutical plants nationwide, including Dược Hà Hưng, Dược vật tư y tế Hải Phòng, Davina Factory, Dược Amepro, Dược Đại Bắc, Dược Hoa Linh, Trung tâm máy gia tốc – Bệnh viện Trung ương Quân đội 108, and more.

Additionally, there are some important installation notes for the interlocking lock:

  1. Securely connect the signal wires to the lock bolts and indicator lights.

—> Error: The alarm bell will sound loudly and continuously.

  1. Install the lock bolts and positioning plates in the same direction (Wi-Fi symbol) on both accessories.

—> Error: The lock won’t function.

  1. Avoid reversing the signal wires between the indicator lights and lock bolts.

—> Error: Unable to install. The signal wire of the lock bolt is usually slightly larger than the wire of the indicator light, so please be mindful during installation.

Testing the VCR-X3S Interlock


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