Two-Door Interlocking System – SM2C

  • Model: SM2C
  • Lock – Door: 2
  • LED indicators: 2
  • Cables: 4M
  • Material: Inox

Double Interlock Door Lock

The interlock lock is an auxiliary device that ensures that the doors of a room cannot be opened simultaneously, thereby ensuring isolation between the clean room area and non-clean areas.

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  • Installed in the panel rooms of clean rooms, cushion rooms, airlocks, intermediate rooms, changing rooms using indicator light systems in the fields of healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, electronics, semiconductors, and office spaces.
  • Used for entrance doors, emergency exit doors, and safety doors.


  • When one door is opened, the other door will automatically close; both doors cannot be opened simultaneously.
  • If one door remains open for an extended period without closing, an alarm will sound to remind personnel to close the door.
  • In case of power failure and for electronic interlock locks, both doors can be opened to ensure user safety.
  • In emergency situations, an emergency button can be pressed to forcibly open the door.


  • Double electronic interlock lock
  • Input voltage to control box: 220V
  • Input voltage to LED indicator: 5V
  • Input voltage to the electromagnetic lock: 12V
  • Cable length: 4m/1 strand
  • The lock is imported as a complete unit.


  • Control box

  • Door latch

  • Indicator light


  • The interlock lock control unit will be installed on the panel ceiling, connected to an available socket (the shorter the distance between the control unit and the socket, the better, to match the power cable of the lock and save wiring costs).
  • The indicator light will be mounted on the panel wall, in an easily visible area for entry/exit, typically installed next to the panel door.
  • The lock latch will be installed underground inside the panel wall (requires drilling and underground wiring) and can be installed on the side or top of the door frame.
  • The latch positioning plate will be mounted on the door leaf, corresponding to the lock latch installation area.

Sangma interlock locks from VCR are currently installed in pharmaceutical plants such as Merap, Hanvet Veterinary, Anvy Pharmaceuticals, and Nam Ha Pharmaceuticals.

In addition, there are some important considerations during the installation of interlock locks, such as:

  1. Securely attach the signal connection cables to the lock latch and indicator light —> Error report: The alarm will sound loudly and continuously.
  2. Install the lock latch and latch positioning in the same direction (Wi-Fi symbol) on both accessories —> Error report: The latch does not work.
  3. Reverse the signal cables between the indicator light and the lock latch —> Error report: Unable to install. The signal cable of the lock latch is typically slightly thicker than the cable of the indicator light; please take note during installation.
  4. Use cable boxes and wire conduits to protect the signal cables on the ceiling, avoiding damage by insects. Signal cables are different from power cables; if they are cut or damaged, they can be challenging to reconnect.

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Interlock for clean rooms are indispensable products for clean room facilities.

Learn more about interlock.


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