Three Door Interlock SM3T – For Steel Doors

  • Model: SM3T
  • Lock – Door: 3
  • LED indicators: 6
  • Cables: 4M
  • Material: Plastic, Inox

Details about the Three-Way Interlock Lock for Touchscreen Steel Doors

The interlock lock is an auxiliary device designed to ensure that the doors of a room cannot be opened simultaneously, thereby maintaining isolation between clean and non-clean areas.

The Three-Way Interlock Lock with touchscreen for steel doors (SM3T): This type of interlock lock can control the opening and closing of up to three doors simultaneously. Specifically, if one door is opened, the remaining two doors will be forcibly closed. If you wish to open one door, it is mandatory for the other two doors to be closed first. If someone tries to open the second door intentionally, a warning bell with an LED light will sound to notify.

Applications of the Three-Way Interlock Lock with Touchscreen for Steel Doors:

  • Installation in the control rooms of clean rooms, cleanrooms, airlocks, intermediate rooms, dressing rooms using signaling systems in the medical field, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, electronic equipment, semiconductors, offices, and more.
  • Suitable for entrance doors, emergency exit doors, and safety doors.

Technical Specifications of the Three-Way Interlock Lock with Touchscreen for Steel Doors:

  • Three-way electronic interlock lock.
  • Control box input voltage: 220V.
  • LED light input voltage: 5V.
  • Lock input voltage: 12V.
  • Cable length: 4m/1 strand.
  • Imported lock.
  • Warranty period: 12 months.

Structure of the Three-Way Interlock Lock with Touchscreen for Steel Doors:

The Three-Way Interlock Lock (SM3T) consists of:

  • Control box.

  • Door bolt.

  • Control unit.

Operation of the Three-Way Interlock Lock with Touchscreen for Steel Doors:

  • When one door is opened, the other two doors will automatically close. All three doors cannot be opened simultaneously.
  • If a door remains open for an extended period without closing, a warning bell will sound to remind the staff to close the door, or the other two doors will automatically close.
  • In case of power failure, for electronic interlock locks, all three doors can be opened to ensure user safety.
  • In emergency situations, the emergency button can be pressed to force open the door.

Installation Diagram for the Three-Way Interlock Lock

  • The interlock lock control unit will be installed on the control panel’s ceiling, connected to an available power outlet (the shorter the distance between the control unit and the power outlet, the better, to save wiring costs).
  • The signaling LED light will be mounted on the control panel wall, in an easily observable area for entry/exit, typically placed beside the panel door.
  • The door bolt will be installed underground inside the control panel (requiring drilling and underground wiring) and can be placed either at the side or top of the door frame.
  • The bolt position locator plate will be mounted on the door leaf, corresponding to the lock bolt installation position.

Additionally, some installation errors to be mindful of include:

  1. Securely attach signal connection wires to the door bolt and LED light. Error: The alarm bell will ring loudly and continuously.
  2. Install the door bolt and bolt locator in the same direction (Wi-Fi symbol) on both accessories. Error: The bolt won’t operate.
  3. Reverse the signal wires between the LED light and the door bolt. Error: The installation won’t work. Note that the signal wire of the door bolt is usually slightly thicker than the wire for the LED light, so pay attention during installation.
  4. Use wire conduits and protective tubing to safeguard signal wires on the ceiling, preventing damage from insects. Signal wires are different from power wires and can be challenging to reconnect if damaged or severed.


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