Kawaoka A2 double interlock – 2 doors

  • Model: KWA2 – 2C
  • Lock – Door: 2
  • LED indicators: 4
  • Cables: 4 meters
  • Material: Plastic, Inox

The Kawaoka A2 is widely used in cleanroom environments and areas with strict cleanliness requirements, such as airlocks, cleanroom pass-throughs, and changing rooms. The Kawaoka A2 interlock system enhances cleaning efficiency and can perform the function of interlocking doors automatically, without the need for buttons.

What is an interlock system?

Once connected to power and with all doors closed, the system begins operation. When one door is opened, the other doors automatically close. When the interlock is in the power-off state (due to a power outage or being disconnected from the power source), all locks are automatically released.

The system parameters can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The Kawaoka A2 interlock system utilizes advanced technology, with digital displays and audible alarms to inform users of the current status. An emergency button is available for use in unexpected situations.

Introduction to the Kawaoka interlock system

Upon initial power connection, the smart chip automatically checks the status of all doors. Close all doors; if a door remains open, the display will provide a warning, and there will be an audible door-closed alert until the door is closed.

Once all doors are closed, the smart chip automatically checks and initiates the interlock function.

Let’s illustrate the operation of the double interlock system (2 doors), where Door A and Door B are interlocked, with Door A serving as the entrance and Door B as the exit. Door B will open 6 seconds later than Door A.

In normal operation, when a user opens Door A to enter, Door B will automatically close. After closing Door A, occupants inside the room will wait for 6 seconds. The display will turn red, and an audible “please wait” alert will sound. After 6 seconds, the lock will release, and an “please proceed” alert will be heard.

During this process, in case of an emergency, the emergency button can be pressed to disable all doors.

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