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Vietnam Clean Room (VCR) specializes in supplying specialized clean room equipment to clean room construction contractors. With over 10 years of experience supplying equipment for numerous clean room projects meeting GMP standards, VCR offers the MOST SPECIALIZED clean room equipment available today, meeting the technical standards set forth.

Products under the VCR brand, known as Vietnam Clean Room Equipment, aspire to become a national brand in the clean room industry, making VCR products accessible for construction, renovation, or upgrading of production environments in all factories.

VCR's Supply Scope

For clean room projects in the pharmaceutical, hospital, healthcare, laboratory, veterinary, electronics, food and beverage, cosmetics, and packaging sectors, VCR is a trusted supplier of quality clean room equipment in the northern region of Vietnam and nationwide.

For new customers who may not have a clear understanding of clean rooms or are in the process of establishing GMP-compliant production facilities, please feel free to contact us for advice on suitable equipment/products – a critical factor in determining the GMP standards for your project.

About Interlock

VCR is a pioneering and leading provider in Vietnam of Interlock and Airlock products for clean rooms. We consistently offer solutions for all clean room projects with the most optimal cost and advanced technology. Below are some advantages that our products bring:

1. From controlling 2 doors to dozens of interlocked doors.

2. Features that ensure safety for both the clean room and its operators.

3. Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the facility.

4. Easy to use, install, and maintain.

5. Suitable for various types of clean room walls and doors.

All products supplied by VCR are meticulously selected for their origin and quality, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of clean room environments.


Why Choose Us

VCR doesn’t just provide clean room equipment to customers; we bring additional tangible values:

1. Top-notch Specialization

   VCR’s clean room equipment boasts high specialization with design, construction, and technical specifications tailored specifically for clean rooms, ensuring compliance with current GMP standards. VCR’s clean room equipment is easy to install and use.

2. Durable Quality

   Longevity in usage, stable operation, and attractive design contribute to cost savings and increased work efficiency.

3. Swift Supply and Competitive Pricing

   VCR always strives to meet customer needs quickly, efficiently, and at competitive prices. Rapid delivery is a hallmark of VCR’s operations, from customer inquiries to transportation and addressing any arising issues promptly.

4. Lifelong Customer Care

   VCR provides lifelong customer support, including product selection advice, usage guidance, installation, maintenance, and comprehensive issue resolution throughout the customer’s usage journey.

Furthermore, in order to supply clean room equipment that complies with technical standards and possesses complete certification records according to GMP, VCR has continuously worked to become the exclusive distributor of other premium brands in the clean room industry.

Contact Us

Address: 3, Lane 172, Xuan Dinh Street, Xuan Dinh Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Hotline: 090.123.9008 | 090.123.7008 | 090.444.7008 | 090.126.6008 (call/sms/zalo)


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