Double VCR Interlock – X2M

  • Model: VCR – X2M
  • Lock – Door: 4
  • LED indicators: 2
  • Cables: 4 meters
  • Material: Inox, Plastic

What is the VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock?

The VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock is an auxiliary device designed to ensure that the doors of a room cannot be opened simultaneously, thus ensuring isolation between clean and non-clean areas.

The VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock can control the opening and closing of two panel doors simultaneously. When door number 1 is opened, door number 2 is forcibly closed, and door number 2 can only be opened after door number 1 has been closed.

Applications of the VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock:

  • Installation in panel rooms of cleanrooms, buffer rooms, airlocks, intermediate rooms, changing rooms in the medical field, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, electronic equipment facilities, semiconductor facilities, office spaces, and more.
  • Used for entrance doors, emergency exit doors, safety doors, etc.

Quality of the VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock:

  • VCR-X2M interlock lock is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and factories using clean rooms.
  • Twin door interlock: The system automatically checks if both doors are closed; if one door is not closed, it will provide a warning signal to remind the user to close both doors.
  • Product Structure: It consists of three components: Control Box, Locking Bolt, and LED indicator.
  • LED Indicator: The outer body is made of plastic and is equipped with LED indicators, making it more visually clear and user-friendly.
  • High Isolation Capability: This interlock device is specially designed for air isolation in cleanrooms and is typically used in shock reduction rooms or compressed air valve rooms in cleanrooms.
  • Quality Assurance: Carefully selected materials with low power consumption. LED Indicator and Magnetic Lock

This system uses a computer chip for door entry, ensuring high stability, high accuracy, compact size, and full functionality. The system’s power consumption is less than 12W, which minimizes heat generation and prolongs the lock’s lifespan, making it an ideal product for clean industries.

Operation of the VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock

  • When one door is opened, the other door will automatically close; both doors cannot be opened simultaneously.
  • If one door remains open for too long without closing, the alarm bell will sound to remind staff to close the door.
  • In case of a power outage, both doors can be opened, ensuring user safety.
  • In case of an emergency, an emergency button can be pressed to force the doors open.

Technical Specifications of the VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock

  • Dual electronic interlock
  • Control voltage: 12V
  • Power supply: 220V; 50Hz
  • Lock wire: 3M, 4m in length
  • LED voltage input: 5V
  • The lock is fully imported
  • Warranty period: 12 months

Components included in the VCR-X2M Dual Interlock Lock box

  • Control box

  • Locking bolt

  • Indicator light

Additionally, some installation precautions should be noted for the interlock lock:

  1. Securely fasten all signal cables to the locking bolt and indicator light.—> Error: The alarm bell will ring loudly and continuously.
  2. Install the locking bolt and align the bolt’s orientation (marked with a Wi-Fi symbol) on both accessories in the same direction.—> Error: The bolt will not function.
  3. Reverse the signal cables between the indicator light and the locking bolt during installation.—> Error: Installation is not possible. The signal cable for the locking bolt is typically slightly thicker than the cable for the indicator light, so please take note during installation.
  4. Use a box and cable conduit to protect the signal cables on the ceiling to prevent insects from biting or damaging the cables. Signal cables are different from power cables, and reconnecting them can be challenging if they are cut or damaged.

Testing the VCR-X2M Magnetic Interlock 

A cleanroom interlock lock is an essential product for cleanrooms.

Choose the appropriate interlock for your cleanroom.


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