Double Door Interlock – VCRX2

  • Model: VCRX2
  • Lock – Door: 2
  • LED indicators: 2
  • Cables: 4 meters
  • Material: Plastic, Inox

Double Interlock Door Lock

An interlock lock is an auxiliary device designed to ensure that the doors in a room cannot be opened simultaneously, thereby maintaining isolation between clean and non-clean areas.


  • Installed in the panel rooms of cleanrooms, cleanroom anterooms, airlocks, changing rooms, using light indication systems in the fields of healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, electronics, semiconductors, and office spaces.
  • Used for entry doors, emergency exits, and safety doors.

Reasons to Choose Our Product

Our product finds widespread application in the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing facilities with cleanrooms.

  • Double interlock doors: The system automatically checks whether both doors are closed. If one door is not closed, it will emit a warning signal (the warning system will continuously alert) to remind the user to close both doors.
  • Product Components: It comprises three parts: control equipment, electric control lock, and electronic touch switch.
  • LED Display: The outer casing is made of plastic, combined with LED display lights, making it more visually clear, intuitive, and easier to operate.
  • High Isolation: This interlock lock is specially designed for air isolation in cleanrooms, often used in shock reduction rooms or pneumatic isolation rooms within cleanrooms.
  • Guaranteed Material: Exquisitely chosen material with high stability and low power consumption. This system uses a computer chip for door entry, ensuring high stability, high accuracy, compact size, and full functionality. The system’s power consumption is less than 12W, generates minimal heat, and has a longer lock lifespan, making it an ideal product for the cleanroom industry.

Description of Interlock Lock Operation

  • When one door opens, the other door will automatically close. Both doors cannot be opened simultaneously.
  • If one door remains open for too long, the alarm bell will ring as a reminder for employees to close the door.
  • In case of a power outage, both doors can be opened with electronic interlock locks to ensure user safety.
  • In emergency situations, the emergency button can be pressed to forcibly open the door.

Technical Specifications

Double electronic interlock lock

  • Electric control lock voltage: 12V
  • Power supply: 220V; 50Hz
  • Lock wire: 3M, 4m per strand
  • LED voltage: 5V
  • Imported lock


  • Control box

  • Door latch

  • Lock latch dimensions

  • Indicator light

Installation Diagram

  • The interlock lock control unit will be installed on the ceiling panel, connected to an existing socket (the shorter the distance between the control unit and the socket, the better, to match the power supply cable of the lock and save wiring costs).
  • The indicator light will be mounted on the wall panel in an easily observable area when entering/exiting, usually installed next to the panel door.
  • The lock latch will be installed underground inside the panel wall (requires drilling and underground wiring) and can be installed on the side or above the door frame.
  • The lock latch positioning plate will be mounted on the door leaf, corresponding to the lock latch installation area.

Electronic interlock locks VCR X2, X3 have gained the trust of factories such as Dược Hà Hưng, Dược vật tư y tế Hải Phòng, Davina Factory, Amepro Pharmaceuticals, Đại Bắc Pharmaceuticals, Hoa Linh Pharmaceuticals, and the Accelerator Center – 108 Central Military Hospital, among others.

Additionally, some key installation considerations include:

  1. Securely install the signal connection wires to the lock latch and indicator light. Error message: The alarm bell will ring loudly and continuously.
  2. Install the lock latch and lock positioning plate in the same direction (Wi-Fi symbol) on both accessories. Error message: The lock will not operate.
  3. Avoid reversing the signal wires between the indicator and lock latch. Error message: Unable to install. The signal wire of the lock latch is usually slightly larger than that of the indicator light; please take note during installation.
  4. Use wire protection boxes and tubes to protect the signal wires on the ceiling to prevent insect damage. Signal wires are different from power wires, and if they are damaged, reconnecting them can be challenging.

Actual images and videos:

Interlock for cleanrooms are indispensable products for cleanrooms.

Choosing the right interlock for a cleanroom.

View the VCR Interlock Lock Catalog here.


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