cleanroom interlock installation

Cleanroom Door Interlock Installation: How to install cleanroom interlock?

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Installing a cleanroom door interlock system is more complex and deserves more care than you might think. If the installation is done accurately, the interlock system will perform properly.

A set of a cleanroom door interlock includes:

2-door interlock system

Here are the cleanroom door interlock system installation guidelines:

Step 1. Calculate the placement of electric locks on the door frame, and the placement of led panels on the walls.

Step 2. Drill a hole in the door frame. The hole is about 150mm from the edge. Insert the electric lock into the hole. Connect the lock with the signal cable.

Drill a hole in the door to install the lock sheet.

The lock sheet attaches to the door, and the electric lock connects to the door frame as this lock has a signal cable connected to the control box.

It’s important to remember that the two magnets should sit flush together to ensure a decent connection that can be made for the lock to work.

Step 3. Mount the led panel next to the door frame. Drill a hole to install the led panel. Connect the led panel with the signal cable

cleanroom interlock installation

Step 4. Do the same with the other doors

Step 5. Connect the signal cables and the power cord to the control box

Step 6. Power up and test the interlock system

After installation, there are some common problems. You can use these tips:

1. The interlock system does not work and the buzzer alarms


  • The magnetic induction on the lock sheet does not detect the lock
  • The lock sheet and the lock are not aligned


  • Make sure the lock and the lock sheet align
  • Check the wires between locks and the control box. If there is a wire breakage, you should fix the wires

2. The sound of the lock works but the door could not be locked


  • The hole of the lock sheet is not aligned with the lock-tounge


  • Adjust the lock plate on the door, make sure the lock-tounge can enter the lock sheet, so that the door can be closed

3. The buzzer alarms, the lock is open and closed again and again 


  • The system collects the error signal from the emergency button


  • Check the emergency button on each led panel, whether there is something stuck in the button. If it is not stuck, restart the system.
  • Check the wires between led panel and control box. If there is a wire breakage, you should fix the wires

4. The system is working properly, the lock tongue can enter the lock sheet but the door can not open


  • The door sagging or door deviation


  • Adjust the door, make sure the lock tongue is clean

For more details about cleanroom door interlock installation guideline. Please watch the video below:

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Table Of Contents

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