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Clean Room Door Interlock System Installation Precautions

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Cleanroom door interlock or airlock is a device controlling clean environment by preventing the simultaneous access of 2 or more than 2 doors in cleanrooms. Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment will provide you some clean room door interlock system installation precautions.

1. Cleanroom Door Interlock Structure

A cleanroom door interlocking set consists of:

  • Control panel: 1 pcs
    (The control panel of the double-door interlock includes 4 connection ports and 1 power jack, the control panel of the three-door interlock includes 6 connection ports and 1 power jack, the control panel of the interlock triple four will include 8 connection ports and 1 power jack).
  • Electric lock: 2 pcs (Double-door interlock includes 2 electric locks, three-door interlock includes 3 electric locks, four-door interlock includes 4 electric locks)Electric doors interlocks
  • Led indicator: The number of led indicators is equal to the number of electric locks
  • Door magnet wire + 4/6/8 pcs of signal cable

2. Clean room door interlock system installation precautions

Interlock is usually mounted on the wall and door. Installing clean room door interlock system requires punching a hole on the wall to connect the signal wires to the led indicator and electric lock, the positioning accessory will be installed in the position corresponding to the electric lock, on the side edge of the door.

In some factories, brick walls and plastic doors are widely-used. To install the door interlock easily, we can mount the locking pin and the positioning accessory at the top of the door (as shown in photo 1).

doors interlocks

In addition, if two sides of the door do not have space to install the led indicator, you can install it at the top of the door. However, installing in this position will make it difficult to press the reset button. Therefore, construction workers should carefully consider choosing the location of installing interlocking system.

clean room door interlock system installation

3. Some errors in clean room door interlock system installation

  • Install tightly the signal cables to the electric lock and led indicator
    —> Error message: The alarm will sound loud and continuous.
  • Install the electric lock and positioning accessory in the same direction (Wifi symbol) on both parts
    —> Error message: Electric lock does not work.
  • Install the signal cable between the electric lock and led indicator
    —> Error message: Cannot install. The signal cable of the electric lock will usually be a little larger than the led wire, you should pay attention when installing.
  • Use boxes and wiring pipes to protect the signal wires on the ceiling against insects biting off the wire. Signal wire is different from the door magnet wire. If it is broken or damaged, it will be difficult to reconnect.
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Table Of Contents

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