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01 - Aesthetics For Your Cleanroom

Electronic interlocking system with accompanying alloy-made light set, featuring an eye-catching and elegant design, suitable for high-quality factories.

02 - Full Features

“The Interlock is equipped with an emergency button, automatically unlocking all doors when pressed, as well as during power outages. It also sounds an alarm if an operator forgets to close the door for 20 seconds or more, ensuring safety in cleanrooms.”

03 - Easy to Install - Use

“All types of interlocks at VCR are designed to be compact, with a simple structure that is easy to install and use while always meeting the requirements of any project.”





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An interlocking system, also known as an “interlock” or “airlock lock,” is a specialized mechanism designed to manage the opening and closing process of two or more doors simultaneously. The essential function of an interlock is to ensure that one door operates in the opposite state to the other doors, preventing the spread of substances from inside a space or clean area to the outside, and vice versa. This ensures privacy and safety between clean and non-clean spaces in industrial or healthcare environments.

The use of interlocking systems in cleanrooms is a critical factor in ensuring the effectiveness and safety of that environment. Cleanrooms are designed to meet specific requirements for environmental conditions such as air quality, temperature, humidity, and control of airborne particles.

For example, an operating room needs to maintain a sterile environment, while cleanrooms used for vaccine production or semiconductor manufacturing also demand a “clean” environment. However, no two cleanrooms are exactly alike, and there are specific requirements for cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Each cleanroom is designed to meet the unique needs of its intended use, and interlocking systems play a crucial role in maintaining the desired environmental conditions. These systems help prevent contamination and maintain the necessary cleanliness levels by ensuring that doors are opened and closed in the correct sequence and under the right conditions to preserve the integrity of the controlled environment.

Khóa liên động phòng sạch
Interlock in Cleanroom

Interlocking systems ensure that air from non-clean areas cannot infiltrate clean areas. Without interlocking systems, the natural movement of air from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas can introduce unwanted particles, bacteria, and pathogens into clean areas, posing the risk of contamination and compromising the cleanliness of the working environment.

Therefore, the use of interlocking systems becomes a critical protective measure, ensuring a clean environment in important applications such as healthcare and industry. These systems play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of clean environments by preventing the ingress of contaminants, thereby safeguarding against infection and ensuring the cleanliness of the working environment.

Interlocking doors assist in cleanroom access control by allowing only one door to be open at a time, preserving the integrity of the cleanroom. Each door is equipped with an interlocking system paired with status indicator lights, providing visual feedback on the door’s status.

They are activated through touchless proximity switches using infrared technology and are made of stainless steel, enabling operation without direct contact, suitable for clean environments.

The interlocking system ensures contamination prevention during operations by preventing simultaneous entry of doors or rooms. Additionally, when one door opens, all other doors in that area are locked and cannot be opened. This can be programmed with a fixed delay between each door opening to maintain the required pressure. The system also incorporates an emergency stop button for use when necessary.

The electronic Airlock interlocking system consists of the following main components: Control Box, Locking Bolt, Display Panel, Connecting Cables, and Power Cable.

– Control Box: This is the main control unit that manages the entire operation of the interlocking system and is typically installed on the technical ceiling.

Cấu tạo khóa liên động
Structure of Interlock

– Locking Bolt: Directly carries out the task of opening and closing the door according to the interlocking mechanism.

– Display Panel: Indicates the status of the door.

– Connecting Cables: Transmit information from the control box to the locking bolt and display panel.

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Vietnam Clean Room (VCR) specializes in supplying specialized equipment and accessories for cleanroom construction contractors.

With nearly a decade of experience providing equipment and accessories for GMP-standard factory projects, VCR offers a diverse range of products, ensuring quality and competitive prices. VCR is committed to delivering excellence in design, standards, timelines, and costs.

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